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A news reader celebrating the open web.

A journaling tool to capture your commentary.

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Effortlessly Familar

Most feed readers look like email clients. A few appear reminiscent of newspaper front pages. Posture looks like what you’ve come to expect from the modern web by taking a cue from the social media apps you already use.

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Expertly Curated

We aren’t out to censor the web. RSS, ATOM, and JSON feed URLs are supported out of the box. But we believe there’s tremendous value in curating a directory of news sources which have a proven track record of publishing real news and promoting meaningful discourse. Posture lets you discover new publications and subscribe with a single click.


Record Your Thoughts

Bookmarking articles for future reference is nothing new, but it’s all too easy to forget why you wanted to save something in the first place. That’s why we built journaling right into Posture. Comment on anything, create multiple color-coded journals, and—in the future—share a public journal with the world.


Rock the Workflow

Quickly scanning through the latest headlines, and digging deep into lengthy reads at your leisure, are two different activites. That’s why Posture lets you mark articles to be added to your Readlist. Rapidy add all the stuff that catches your eye, then switch over to your Readlist to dig into the news that matters most to you.


A Delightful Experience

We’ve designed Posture to look great and be easy to use on any device and on any platform. Use a smartphone? A tablet? A ginormous desktop with three screens? Prefer dark mode? We got you covered.

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